Do You Love Your Passport?

Your passport. It's no ordinary little book. It's probably the most valuable little book you own. It’s your identification. It indicates where you are [...]

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Should you use Airbnb for your honeymoon?

Not everyone knows that my wonderful wife and I met through Airbnb in London. She booked my room while I was in Bali. [...]

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More Trees Planted!

As part of our ongoing commitment to plant trees on behalf of our customers, we have just made another donation to OneTreePlanted.org. In [...]

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Best Minimalist Gifts for Travelers Who Love to Travel Light

We all know people who love to travel. But what can you get them to help them on their adventures, without weighing them [...]

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Planting 100 Trees – Why We’re Doing It For You

We're planting 100 trees for you in British Columbia, Canada! This week (Sept. 24-30) is National Forest Week all across Canada and Wednesday, [...]

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8+ High Fashion Photos from our Neck Wallets Urban Adventure

We've recently upgraded the quality of our neck wallets, so we thought we'd get a few new snaps to show them off. For [...]

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7 Funny Emails from Our Customers

Have you ever ordered one of our products? If you have, you'll know that after you order, we send you a short shipping [...]

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Top 5 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Ubud, Bali

Bali is a vegetarian's dream place. It's full of healthy eateries and wellness areas. We explored Ubud for the month and tried as [...]

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Adventure To Bali

Bali Here we are in the end of June, and now it's time to reflect a little. We ventured to Bali just over [...]

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The New Brazil Travel Guide is Now Available on Apple iBooks

Would you like to stay at the most beautiful hotels and guesthouses in Brazil, while knowing that your choice is benefiting the local [...]

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