7 of the funniest customer emails we have recieved


Have you ever ordered one of our products?

If you have, you’ll know that after your order, we send you a short shipping confirmation email. We won’t spoil the surprise, but we try to make it interesting and funny, because, why not? Some of our customers love our confirmation email so much that they write back. And the best thing? They are funny! That really makes our day. And we think reading these messages from our customers will make your day too. Enjoy, laugh, and spread the love, with the funniest 7 customer emails we have received.


I am sat here in my alabaster lined hot tub, sunglasses on, (of course) sipping cool champagne and munching fresh exotic fruits. They were flown in fresh this morning don’t you know. As I munched I pondered the conundrum that is… ordering from Amazon.

I wondered, indeed, if I would be able to make my flight without my invaluable neck wallet. There was a possibility that it would have to be cancelled! My assistant, to whom I dictate this now, assured me that I was ordering from a reputable customer orientated firm. A firm who would keep me updated during my valuable package journey.

Then I received your timely email. What a weight this had lifted from my shoulders. You clearly understood the gravity of the situation and responded in an appropriate manner. I am waiting with bated breath for my delivery. The fate of the world is in your hands!



The staff are lined up at the entrance gate. No doubt they’ll applaud as the butler opens the packaging lovingly and places the holder into my hands. The parish priest will delegate for the bishop, whose 2CV ran out of fuel on the way from Chichester.


To all at Inspiring Adventures

Thank you for the loving care that you have given to my package.  I can’t thank you enough for the way that you are handling it. I’m eagerly anticipating the relief of its arrival! I think it will be a happy start and ending to my day as well as yours.

I’m honoured to be on your wall as “customer of the year”. Please find attached a flowing lock of my curly brown hair. Fragranced with coconut to add to the ambience of my revered picture. To all of my friends, I sorely long for your presence. Until we meet again, au revoir mon amour, forever in my heart.


Thank you, Richard, for your kind information and your assurances.  The love and care taken to send my Neck Wallet & Passport Holder on its way. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

In return, I’d like to assure you of the love and care I will give this new addition to my family. And can reassure you that it is coming to a good home. It will be kept busy but never taken for granted and, as my travel buddy. I will share wonderful adventures, exciting explorations, great expeditions and gentle walks across this glorious world of ours. Needless to say, it will receive a warm welcome – I love it already.

Most warm and kindest regards.


It’s great to hear from you and hear of how committed you all are to delivering my new Neck Wallet. I can’t wait to get it! My wife and I are so excited we can hardly sleep.

We’ve told all our neighbors and it’s been suggested we have a block party when it arrives!! We’re hoping to coordinate the Mariachi Band and the Fly-Over when the UPS truck delivers it.

My wife said that even if the thing falls apart when we get it we’ll be happy to buy another just to get another email like the last one!

You guys are AWESOME!! If the wallet is anything like the email it will totally make our day!


It arrived!! The UPS truck snuck up on us today so the fly-over consisted of a nondescript prop plane on final approach to our local airport. In place of the Mariachi Band I whistled Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Taxi. None the less we are very excited and after it’s been properly field tested we’ll be sending along our evaluation. Your buddy, Jim

I was awaiting today for my package after receiving your email, I called everyone in the village as they were excited to see my package, we were all awaiting for the postman to arrive with champagne in our hands and confetti to spread the town with, but to our disappointment the postman only delivered me a water bill, with no parcel to our disappointment all the villagers went home with there head in there hands, it felt like my heart had been torn out I was so disappointed after the postman looked at me and said better luck tomorrow

Freddie, again

This morning I woke up opened my curtains, the sun had got its hat on and it was a wonderful day, I called up everyone in the village and the farmer even brought his animals as we where waiting patiently for postman pat to arrive and to our surprise he came early which had us all worried but as he got out his bright red van he had a smile on his face from ear to ear, I thought to my self yes he’s got the parcel, he skips over to me and hands my parcel to me. The villagers painted the town blue and covered postman pat in confetti. Please assure your team that the parcel has been delivered to me and that they should worry no more that, your customer of the year has received it and is very happy.

Thanks once again.

Thank you to our wonderful customers! We love you, your creativity, and a sense of humour. We wish you well on your adventures.  Which reply is your favourite?  Let us know in the comments.

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