8+ High Fashion Photos from our Neck Wallets Urban Adventure


We’ve recently upgraded the quality of our neck wallets, so we thought we’d get a few new snaps to show them off. For this shoot, since we love our little neck pouches so much, we decided to model them ourselves around town.  I loved working with Ella for this, she’s a natural model. Is it just me, or does her long neck actually make the neck wallets look even better?

Our photographer was the very talented Caleigh Morren who guided us on an urban adventure, down alley ways, through market stalls and into a coffee shop.  All just the kinds of places you might use a handy hidden neck wallet on your travels! Of course if we weren’t taking pictures of these passport holders, we could have stashed them under our clothes.

These neck wallets our are best selling products, and they are available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.  Be sure to click those links to check out our snazzy new Amazon Storefronts!

So what do you think of the photos? Which is your favourite?  Let us know!

New Large Neck Wallets

We also have new large size neck wallets available on Amazon, for those of you that like to carry a bit more around. Perhaps you have a new iPhone 8 Plus, which is rather large, and you want a hidden wallet for it? It will fit securely in our large neck wallet.  Some of these new phones are just too big and too valuable to leave in your pocket or handbag when out and about.

Uniquely, all our neck wallets have water resistant zippers, and waterproof nylon material.  We didn’t get caught in the rain during our shoot, but you don’t even have to worry about the rainy season on your holidays if you keep your phone or travel documents in one of these.  All our wallets come with RFID protection front and back as standard. No one can illegally scan your credit card or passport details through this material.  Make sure you stay safe and travel well!

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