Should you use Airbnb for your honeymoon?


Should you use Airbnb for your honeymoon? Not everyone knows that my wonderful wife and I met through Airbnb in London. She booked my room while I was in Bali. When I came back, we had the chance to meet. We fell in love, got married and moved over here to Canada together.

That’s one reason I recommend clicking here and becoming an Airbnb host!

For our honeymoon, we picked Japan, and of course, we were going to use Airbnb. Several months before departure, we selected our favourite spots in various cities. The excitement was building for our best adventure yet.

48 hours before landing in Tokyo

We got an email from Airbnb on our way to the airport for our stopover in Vancouver.

“Your host has canceled your reservation”

Honeymoon disaster. No time to check for other options. What are we going to do? Most hotels were out of our budget, and we didn’t have the time to look through the remaining Airbnb listings. Plus, what is going to be left 48 hours before arrival? This is why you shouldn’t use Airbnb, right?

Within an hour, Airbnb customer service called us up and explained how sorry they were. They said their team was going to help us find something new. I wasn’t so sure. Tokyo gets pretty booked up, and you have to be officially registered as a guest house to host on Airbnb in Japan.

Somehow, by the time we’d got to the airport, Airbnb had sent us half a dozen excellent options. Not only that but they offered to help us pay any difference too.  Suddenly we’d been upgraded beyond our budget for the beginning of honeymoon. Within 3 hours we’d gone for no place in Shinjuku to the executive apartment by Tokyo Tower.

Thanks, Airbnb!

This is another reason why I continue to recommend Airbnb, and my message to thank them for their help. If you haven’t tried Airbnb yet:

Get $45 CAD off your first night here

Not bad at all. And who knows, Airbnb might save you on your next adventure too. We would love to hear all about your next adventures. Let us know on the comments below or contact us. 

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