An adventure into Bali – March, 2017



Here we are at the end of June, and now it’s time to reflect a little. We had an adventure in Bali just over 3 months ago. I am still going through lots of photographs and scribbly journals!

It’s funny because before I met Richard, he was away in Bali when I was renting his room in London, England. When I met him soon after, he told me all about this beautiful tropical sounding place. You might say that an adventure in Bali was destined from that point.

We have travelled and experienced so much together already. From living in London to travelling around Europe. To living in the Isle of Man and Canada, to then deciding our next adventure together would be Indonesia.

I had never been to Asia

I have never been to Asia before, and have always been so curious about wanting to explore so much more of this wide world. At the beginning of February, we ventured from Canada to the Philippines. A 14-hour layover to explore a bit of the Philippines for a day and then on to Bali.

We decided on going for a month because we really love settling into a place and getting to know the local way of life.  Instead of the feeling of just passing through. Also, it’s a 24-hour journey from Canada, so we want to make the most of it. As soon as I arrived in Bali, I fell in love with the green nature everywhere in the city. The way nature pops up in every street corner, down every side street.

Your money can go very far here

We booked ourself into our first guesthouse (around $30 Canadian a night) and noticed how far the money goes. Every corner you hear “massage!” starting at just $8, reflexology for $6! We decided that if we got a massage every other day for the month, then it would equal the price of one back at home. The first few meals cost around $2-5. Although with everything being so delicious, amazing vegetarian options and healthy fresh foods we wanted to just try it all.

We loved the breathtaking scenery, the endless rice fields, the lush tropical greenery and remarkable culture displays.

The best part about Bali

The best part about Bali is definitely warm and happy people. It’s something that makes you feel so welcome and wanting to keep smiling back at everyone. You will always be greeted with a smile everywhere you go.
After talking with a few different Balinese people and telling them I noticed this about the people here, they said to me “Some may wonder why we can be happy all of the time, but I think it’s that we are not victims of our circumstances.

We take full responsibility for our own happiness and realize that nothing can ever be so bad. The smile is the whole being.” Many of them have so little, but their hearts are so big and so much joy. They know that happiness is an inside job and they keep giving all the time, no matter what.

We felt right at home

Our kind of people, which makes us feel right at home. The way people lift you up and are so encouraging. Richard and I both grew up believing and knowing that you are always responsible for your own happiness. The more you experience in life and see, the less likely the smaller things will bring you down. I think that’s partly why Richard and I connected right away. We are both so optimistic and know how to make the best of any situation, no matter where we are. Even on 21-hour plane rides together.

Thank you, Bali, for your lovely people and beautiful colourful island! We will always remember our adventure in Bali. There are various options to going on your own adventure, including one aptly named package provider, ‘The Bali Adventure’. For anyone who has gone already or has some great anecdotes from travels around other parts of Asia, Richard and I would love to hear them.


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  1. Nice blog, Loved read it. Thank you for visiting Bali island. I am from north part of Bali
    still a lot things you can do especially in north part Bali such as Visit Banyumala Waterfall, Wanagiri Hidden Hill, Hot Spring, Dolphin Activities, Diving in Lovina beach, Etc. Hope you come to Bali again. Explore Bali island more closer.

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