Best gifts for travelers who can’t travel right now


As travelers, we love our adventures.  But right now, due to Covid-19, it’s safer to stay closer to home.  So what gifts for travelers can you give?  Here are some of our favourite ideas.

A Great Journal

You may not be able to go on a big adventure right now, but at least you can write down your dreams and plans for your next one. Perhaps you can write about your previous adventures, and maybe you’ll even end up writing a travel book.  That’s what I did, and now my travel stories about Brazil are available on Amazon. Here are journals we like:

    • Moleskine Journals – who doesn’t love these iconic notebooks?  We have a stack of them from our travels, and we keep writing in them now.
    • The 5 Minute Journal – We love this gratitude journal.  While you won’t write your next travel novel in it, it will remind you of all the things that you do have to be grateful for now, even if you can’t travel to all the destinations you’d like to just yet.

A Great Novel

Need a little inspiration while you are at home? Why not escape with your mind, through the stories of others. Any novel can span the globe, so pick a story you’d like to read about and go on a literary journey.  Here’s a couple of novels we recommend:

    • The Overstory – We’re loving this remarkable novel that won the Pulitzer Prize.  Human stories, journies, and of course, the overstory of the trees that go along with their lives.
    • Shantaram – An epic adventure based in India.  You’ll feel like you’ve been, even if you only get as far as reading this book.

Travel clothes

Maybe this year isn’t the year for an international adventure, but that probably doesn’t mean you can’t explore a little closer to home. Try renting an Airbnb a couple of hours away (get $58 off your first trip with this link), or brushing off your camping gear and taking it for a spin.  Maybe get some new travel clothes that will last for this adventure and the next.  We like:

    • Patagonia – Our favourite brand. Sustainably made, timeless styles and lifetime guaranteed.
    • TenTree – Plant 10 trees with every purchase and the clothes are so soft and comfy.

Food of the world

If you can’t get to those places you’ve always wanted to visit, try bringing them closer to you. Get some vouchers to local restaurants, or get some new snacks delivered by subscriptions like:

  • Bokksu – Snacks and flavours directly from Japan.  We love it!  Use our link for $10 off.
  • Vegancuts – A new one for us. We like the vegan snacks subscription box but they also have beauty and make-up products.

Or plant trees with these products

We love planting trees to help offset carbon from our adventures and make a positive impact on our planet.  That’s why we use our profits to plant at least one tree for every product we sell. Here are some examples of others who like to plant trees with your purchase and would make nice gifts for travelers.

  • Treevotion – Plant at least 2 trees for every bracelet sold.  I have collected so many bracelets from all around the world, and I wish each purchase had planted a tree.  I’d have a forest by now!
  • We-Wood – Plant one tree for every wooden watch purchase.

See anything here you like? Let me know in the comments, or suggest your own best gifts for travelers!

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