Best Minimalist Gifts for Travelers Who Love to Travel Light

Travelling Light


We all know people who love to travel. But what can you get them to help them on their adventures, without weighing them down? We’ve compiled a list of best gifts for travelers that would help them on any adventure.

Whether it’s a Christmas gift or a birthday present, these ideas will help them save space and travel light. Which means there’s more chance they’ll bring home a tasty bottle of local liquor for you on their return!

Without further ado, our list of top gifts for travelers:

1. Merino Wool T-shirts

Who doesn’t love merino wool?  It’s basically a miracle fibre that works in any climate, and doesn’t ever need washing! Ok, ok, it might need some washing, but it’s not like cotton. You don’t need to clean it every day, like you do with other fabrics, and it won’t smell even if you sleep or sweat in it.

I suggest starting with a t-shirt or two, followed by underwear/socks.  Even if you don’t wear it for days on end, you can wear it for those long haul flights, and rest assured that if your luggage goes missing, or your flight is delayed, you’ll be able to carry on for as long as you want, without worrying about your next shower.

2. Super Slim Travel Wallets

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t need all the cards we carry round with us every day.  This is especially true for traveling.  You’re not going to need your local membership cards in India.  Give the traveler one specific, lightweight travel wallet for the cards they plan to use on their trips, like our luxury leather RFID protected minimalist slim wallet. It comes with it’s own gift box and really does use the best leather on the market.

If the traveler does have some frequent flyer cards, or airport lounge cards, or likes to store an emergency credit card somewhere else, get them a passport wallet as well.  That way, they can leave an emergency card, and the cards they don’t need every day in a security box or safe at the hotel, while they go out with the other cards.  If the worst does happen, and the wallet is lost, they’ll still have a backup at the hotel.

3. Foldable Water Bottle

I always travel with one of these.  It’s so handy at airport security.  I drink my water, fold it up, put it in my bag for the security check, then take it out and fill it up on the other side.  There’s almost always a water fountain somewhere.  Sometimes it seems like airports hide them, to get you to buy more bottled water. Fear not, the traveler will enjoy hunting the around the airport, looking for the illusive water fountain of eternal youth, so that they stay hydrated on their flight. It’s the best way to beat jet lag.

A word of warning, some of these bottles don’t last for ever, and occasionally the pressurised cabins have caused small leaks in mine. Make sure your water bottle is in a different pocket than your electronics or documents. (And that’s another reason to always keep your passport in a water resistant pouch!)

4. Lightweight Day Pack

Never leave home without one! One of the problems with hand luggage travel is that you sometimes miss out or forget to pack a handy little day pack. No one wants to be lugging all their luggage around all day, every day.  Some day packs are super light and foldable, but I prefer the day pack that comes with my Osprey Meridian Convertable Bag. So you kind of need to by them the whole bag to get this one.  Still, they won’t be disappointed if you do!

5. Foldable Duffle Bag

If the day pack (attached to a large backpack) is out of your budget, a light foldable travel duffle bag or tote bag is also super useful. I always keep one folded up in my day pack, in case I end up getting more shopping than planned. And of course, the more bags you give, the more easily they can be filled up with souvenirs!

And Finally

If you are still not sure then I simply suggest getting a handy travel neck wallet, stuffing it full of travel cash, and just giving them that.  Every traveller would love a bit of extra spending money!

Any other ideas?  Let us know in the comments below!

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