Planting 100 Trees – Why We’re Doing It For You

POSTED ON Sep 29, 2017 BY Inspiring Adventures

A Tree Gift - planting 100 trees


We're planting 100 trees for you in British Columbia, Canada! This week (Sept. 24-30) is National Forest Week all across Canada and Wednesday, Sept. 27 was National Tree Day. Get out there and enjoy the trees! Take a walk in the woods. Stroke some bark. Maybe even hug a tree. Not everyone is lucky enough to have that chance. B.C. has had an especially bad year. They still haveĀ Continue Reading

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Help Us Plant 1000 Trees In 2017

POSTED ON Mar 21, 2017 BY Inspiring Adventures


We believe travel makes the world a better place and we want to encourage you to explore near and far. To push your boundaries, and experience new things. And we know that travel can have an environmental impact. That is why we want to play our part in being a force for positive change. We want to minimise any damage we cause. Together with our non-profit partner,, we've s...
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