Planting 100 Trees – Why We’re Doing It For You

A Tree Gift - planting 100 trees


We’re planting 100 trees for you in British Columbia, Canada! This week (Sept. 24-30) is National Forest Week all across Canada and Wednesday, Sept. 27 was National Tree Day. Get out there and enjoy the trees! Take a walk in the woods. Stroke some bark. Maybe even hug a tree. Not everyone is lucky enough to have that chance.

B.C. has had an especially bad year. They still have more than 100 wildfires burning, and it’s B.C.’s worst fire season in history. Together with our planting partner, we hope our small contribution will play a part in the wider work that will be done to recover.

We started a campaign to plant a tree for every customer that leaves us a product review on and  The campaign started in March 2017, and since then, and we have had 91 new product reviews. We rounded that up to 100 because we know that a few of you were just about to write a review, but then you forgot your Amazon password, and the doorbell rang right before you clicked post, and then the dog ate your computer. Don’t worry, it’s not too late. Click our Amazon links above and post a quick review now. We’ll wait. And we’ll also count it next time we add up our reviews. Double win!

Think of the trees!

Trees are are such an important part of our planet. They help clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. 70% of the world’s plants and animals live in forests. And unless you are ready for some sad reading, don’t even start learning about deforestation. When we travel, we often end up on a walk somewhere surrounded by trees, and you should too.

And for Inspiring Adventures, product reviews are important because they let us know what our customers think, and help others decide if our products are right for them. And now our reviews also help keep our planet a little greener too. By the way, it isn’t just a good review that get a tree. It’s even for the very occasional less than 5 star review too! How’s that for fair? We just want feedback.

If you shop with us this year (maybe picking up a Christmas present for the traveller in your family?), be sure to pop back to Amazon and leave us a review. The trees will thank you!

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