Neck Wallet Passport Holder for Travel RFID Safe & Water Resistant

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  • What makes our wallet better
  • Soft, Strong, and Very Long
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Buy ONE, Get ONE TREE
  • And Finally, Have FUN!


✔ LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Here’s our promise – Take our neck wallet on your adventures, or give it as a gift. If you are ever unsatisfied with its performance for any reason, we’ll give you your money back. Guaranteed.
✔ TRAVEL SECURELY: With 100% RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection front and back, no high-tech pickpocket will ever walk away with your credit card numbers or digital passport information. Whether you’re traveling around the world or just heading off to Disney for a day, take our Neck Wallet to protect your cash, credit cards, passports, phones and digital information.
✔ KEEP VALUABLES DRY: Using only high quality waterproof 210D Ripstop Nylon, and specially designed unique water resistant zippers, our Neck Wallet stands above all others to protect your technology and valuable items from unexpected spills, splashes and rain.
✔ COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE: Our Neck Wallet is lightweight, comfortable, and made of premium materials. Complete with super soft neck strap, you’ll be able to wear your Neck Wallet all day and in any climate, without even noticing it.
✔ FOR PEOPLE & PLANET: Inspiring Adventures has a big mission to make the world a better place. That’s why a portion of our profits are always reinvested into projects that protect the environment and help the people most in need. Thank you for being a responsible adventurer!

3 responses to “Neck Wallet Passport Holder for Travel RFID Safe & Water Resistant”

  1. I also have similar waist pouch made by Inspiring Adventures and they do really make sturdy pouches so I was equally excited to receive this pouch.

    The pouch closes with a nice quality of Velcro strip and made of sturdy material. Inside it there are 2 zippers, and a large pocket for passports and other stuffs. The large pocket is again divided into two parts by a mashed material.

    The other two zip pockets are also big enough to put credit cards and other materials inside it. I use iPhone 6s plus inside the pocket and it fits perfectly. You can probably fit any smaller size or similar size phone inside it.

    The large pocket is enough in size to fit passport and still have some space inside it. In front zipper pocket, you can put items such as CC or headphones, money and other stuffs. The belt is made up of durable material and there is button attached to belt to ad just size of it.

    PS See my video review on Amazon

  2. We used this as a ‘family’ wallet for a week vacation in Florida. We ventured through airports, to beaches, and various parks (Disney, etc). We carried ID’s and birth certificates (for the kids) in addition to cash. I was even able to squeeze two iPhone 6’s in it on a few occasions, although it was a tight squeeze. I preferred to wear it cross-body (it’s a short string so it stayed at chest level) and it worked perfectly! My husband was skeptical when I made the purchase with intentions to eliminate the need for purse and wallet. At the end of vacation he said ‘that was slick, we’ll have to use that whenever we go places as a family’.

  3. Perfect! Exactly what I needed with a great price! Zippered pockets, Velcro flap, adjustable strap, soft but sturdy fabric, no scratchy edges to irritate my skin. Bonus was ten travel tips and funny email letting me know about the product and company. Highly recommend!

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